Precision in the Form of Treble Hooks

Mustad Jaw Lok: Precision in the Form of Treble Hooks

There aren’t many lures you can think of nowadays that don’t have a treble hook attached to them. Be it a mini jerk bait for panfish or to the largest custom poppers for giant trevally. Treble hooks are everywhere when it comes to fishing. The biggest issue with them though is the variability that can happen with manufacturing them. The brazing process used to attack the single hook to a double hook is usually done with some degree of the human hand involved. This leaves the chance of some sort of defect in the treble hooks. Mustad Fishing, the industry leader in fishing hook design and manufacture since 1877, will reveal its newest product at ICAST2022 this July. Their new line of JAW LOK trebles hooks. These hooks will be the first and only inline treble hooks that will be made using a completely automated process. This will eliminate the variability that can occur from hook to hook with hand-brazed treble hooks.

These new Jaw Lok treble hooks are the end result of a 20-year quest by Mustad to fully automate inline treble hook production. Their goal was to produce the most precise treble hooks ever manufactured. These new Jaw Lok hooks are all identical to each other in every way. From the hook weights, the hook gaps, the tines and their alignments. The new automated process has amazingly tight tolerance and complete reproducibility. Making for some of the highest quality treble hooks available.

JAW LOK treble hooks will be available as 3X, 4X, and 5X strong hooks. Available in sizes 8 to 5/0 hooks, and MSRP starts at $8.99. JAW LOK trebles debut in the ICAST2022 New Product Showcase Visit Mustad at Booth 223 at ICAST 2022 to see their other new products or check them out here online.

JAW LOK Features

  • 100% Machine-made Inline Trebles
  • Ultimate Consistency in Weight and Shape
  • Fully-forged Hybrid Design
  • Titan Steel Coating
  • UltraPoint 4.3
  • Available as 3X, 4X, 5X Strong in Sizes from 8 to 5/0

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