Prometheus Design Werx Whips up Balisong Invictus

We’re on the cusp of Halloween and the team over at Prometheus Design Werx are conducting a mad experiment: they’re transforming the Invictus folder into a balisong. The company bills the Invictus Bali billed as a “utility balisong,” with dimensions and properties similar to mid-to-large EDC folders of more conventional builds.

“This is a knife design we’ve been sitting on for a few years and we finally got around to making it
happen,” PDW states in their press release for the balisong. If your tastes gravitate towards standard locking folder designs, you might think of the balisong format as one primarily suited for (undeniably cool) tricks rather than daily carry. And while any good balisong does bring slick flipping to the table, PDW says the Invictus Bali is also meant for work. “The overall size is very usable, not too big or too small and easily fits into a pocket like any mid-sized folder. For fans of the Invictus design, we made this into a utility balisong format and are very pleased with the outcome.”

What size are we talking about here? Well, the blade measures 3.75 inches long, with the spear point shape that has defined the Invictus line since the beginning. It’s a blade capable of tackling small, medium, and even some large cutting chores, and the M390 on offer here is a well-known, well-respected super steel. The ergonomics don’t deviate from the standard balisong blueprint, which is to say that each handle half is thinnish and rectangular. They’re made from titanium, with a pair of long fullers milled into each side, echoing the fuller on the blade, and on the off-side there is a sculpted titanium clip.

A close up of the sculpted titanium clip

If you’re a knife nerd, the Invictus itself is a design you’re probably familiar with. It has been the flagship for PDW since 2016, a design they’ve iterated on many times. About this time last year, we saw the Invictus turn up in a collaboration with Terrain 365. That company’s own mini balisong also bears a strong resemblance to this Invictus bali – which makes sense given that Patrick Ma was involved in both that tiny bali and the original Invictus design.

“This version of the Invictus is something of a more specialized variant and it was made under our Special Projects sub-label,” PDW notes. They also say that variations with other handle materials are forthcoming, but give no release estimate at this time.

The titanium Invictus Bali is available starting today.

Knife in Featured Image: Prometheus Design Werx Invictus Balisong

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