RMEF Injects $6M Into Wyoming Elk Habitat Research

Nicolas Lenze   08.25.22

RMEF Injects $6M Into Wyoming Elk Habitat Research

Wyoming has some of the most beautiful and grand landscapes in the entire country. Similarly, the elk that live there are some of the most majestic animals in the deer family. Both of these picturesque resources need protecting, and that’s where the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation comes in. They’ve been providing aid to Wyoming since 1986, and most recently, the RMEF granted $6,046,939 for Wyoming elk habitat research.

Wyoming Elk Habitat Research

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Coverage on AllOutdoor

“Our dedicated volunteers have a long and successful history of generating funding at chapter banquets and other events in Wyoming,” said Kyle Weaver, RMEF president and CEO. “We express our sincere gratitude for them and their ongoing efforts that help further our mission.”

RMEF Injects $6M Into Wyoming Elk Habitat Research

Wyoming Elk Habitat Research

With their initial contribution of $310,656, the Rocky Mountian Elk Foundation convinced its partners to grant more than $6,000,000 dollars to protect Wyoming’s natural resources. This money will be used to fund 20 projects throughout the state, including water source improvements, wildlife restoration, and research projects. These projects will benefit the entire state, 14 counties within it, and also provide funding to Wyoming Disabled Hunters. Wyoming Disabled Hunters is a national organization that provides disabled hunters with the opportunity to have a safe, quality hunting experience. This is all thanks to the RMEF, its partners, and the 7,600 members in Wyoming.

Wyoming Elk Habitat Research

If you’d like to help the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in its mission, go to the RMEF website for details. You can also learn more about the organization’s work by following along on social media. The RMEF can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. To learn more about the state of Wyoming, head to the state’s website. Get out and enjoy nature!

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