Shake & Bait! New Fishing Tool from Daiwa

Shake & Bait! New Fishing Tool from Daiwa – Bait Shaker

Daiwa has announced a new fishing tool this month to be fully revealed at ICAST2022. The new Bait Shaker is a versatile tool that you will want for your boat and any day you have on the water. A multiuse tool that will be a great help out there.

While Gaffs are great for sticking larger fish and bringing them on board the boat, especially those with sharp teeth. They aren’t exactly the most maneuverable tool in tight and small spaces. This makes for them to be a not as effective as they could be for moving and sorting fish on the deck.

Be it checking if you have limited out for the day or having to move a fish from one coffin box to another. The new Bait Shaker will help your work out like nobody’s business. Made with an intentionally dulled point to keep from damaging your catch accidentally, its slim profile makes it handy to move through the slush.

Though the main function of the Bait Shaker is to do its namesake, shaking baitfish off your bait rigs. A hands-off way of unhooking and dropping live baits into your live well without harming the bait. It’s long been known the best swimming live bait is the one that has been handled the least.

The Bait Shaker masterfully manages fish in the icebox, too. A first-mate that doesn’t talk back, the Bait Shaker lets you easily sort and stack fish that are destined for the fish cleaning station.

Offshore and near-shore anglers will especially appreciate the Bait Shaker’s promise as a Sabiki Rig savior. Baitfish like sardines, menhaden, and pinfish are easily shaken not stirred, dropping to the deck for quick retrieval or directly into the livewell so you can put those tiny hooks and feathers back to work.

BAIT SHAKER Benefits and Features:

  • Great deckhand tool
  • Place, sort and remove fish from the icebox
  • Unhook baitfish from Sabiki Rigs
  • Floats
  • EVA handle
  • Dulled hook point
  • 17-inches
  • One-year warranty
  • MSRP $19.99

Available 2023

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bait shaker
Bait Shaker hook profile Photo Courtesy of Daiwa

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