SIG Sauer Releases Archery Mode For Kilo K-Series Rangefinders

SIG Sauer has long been one of the top choices for laser rangefinders, their latest generation of KILO rangefinders include the KILO5K and KILO8K monoculars, the KILO6K-HD compact, and the KILO10K binoculars.

Released this week through a free firmware upgrade SIG has upgraded these models with a new Archery mode just in time for bow season.

From SIG:

“As archery season commences across the country, we are excited to offer Archery Mode for all SIG SAUER Electro-Optics K-SERIES Rangefinders. We are adding even more versatility in our rangefinders, regardless of season, for the hunter in the field,” said Andy York, President, SIG SAUER Electro-Optics.”

“Simply input your arrow speed and the rangefinder automatically provides the correct angle modified range for your specific bow. Using a proprietary algorithm, the rangefinder compensates for extreme ranges and angles based on your specific bow and provides an extremely accurate flat range equivalent distance. Never again will the archer have to worry about hitting high on those long downhill shots.”

Archery mode is the latest in features to be added to the KILO line, other features include Gen II LightWave DSP engine with Extended Range (XR) technology and fog mode along with first, best and last target; a segmented OLED display which provides range to target, elevation holdover and wind holds; and onboard Applied Ballistics with environmental sensors that supports BDX External (BDX-X) for connecting to external devices such as Kestrel and Garmin devices. Additionally, all K-Series rangefinders leverage Low Energy / Long Range Bluetooth 5.x for multipoint Bluetooth connections and improved connectivity to BDX enabled riflescopes and sights, connect with the BaseMap app to provide remote waypoints on ranged targets, and can be fully configured with the SIG SAUER BDX App.

MSRP for the KILO line ranges from $900 for the KILO5K to $2,820 for the KILO10K.

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