‘Simple Math’ – Joss Christensen Makes it Look Far Too Easy

Sometimes we’re drawn more to the underdogs than we are to those who have been established. Especially in ski culture, there’s an ease and hype that comes with watching and partaking in the “underground” scene. This is a beautiful aspect of our beloved sport, as it draws attention to the up-and-comers of skiing, as opposed to only keeping the spot light on competition winners and big time sponsored rippers. That being said, it can be easy to forget about those who have made their mark, but are still in a continuous state of progression, both in their own riding and in benefiting the sport at large. Joss Christensen is one of those individuals.

After his 2014 Slopestyle Gold in Sochi, Joss became a part time world renowned face for freestyle skiing. He was front and center when this freestyle as a whole was thrust onto the world stage. His talents broadcasted on the globes largest sports stage, Joss was a medium between skiing and many people who were just learning what the hell down flat down means. In a sport and culture that prides itself on staying underground, it’s not easy to be viewed as the worlds best. While Joss had become a new face for freestyle, many skiers were now searching for who the next up was.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and I view it as one of skiing better traits. We look for who else is on the rise and want to give them their time. But because of this, it can be easy to forget just how good those who make a name for themselves really are. While he may no longer be the most talked about skier, Joss has clearly spared no time in continuing to hone in his skills on the hill. Along with good friend Andrew Napier (who doubles as filmer and editor of the flick), Joss has stayed well connected with the skiing world through a variety of projects at SVLSH, (competitions, Copenhill, and Peep The Game), along with his own time in front of the camera. Just because you don’t hear his name as much doesn’t mean he’s gone anywhere.

It is anything from easy to stay on the grind after reaching the hight that Joss was at, but clearly his skiing hasn’t lost a single step. The better you get, the harder progression is, but somehow he seems to be gaining ground just fine. The guy is still genuinely loving skiing, and apparently won’t be slowing down any time soon. ‘Simple Math’ is a banger from start to finish, and leaves you hungry for more JC magic.

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