Small truck (Frontier) storage vs SUV (XTerra) : overlanding

My R51 Pathfinder was just totaled. My wife was driving on our rural road and someone pulled out of their driveway right in front of her without looking.

Glad she was in this though because it fared pretty well.

That being said, despite how much I loved it, I don’t want to go through lifting one again. The rear is a pain to align and there are wildcard parts I don’t want to deal with because they’re all hundreds of dollars with import fees since I’m in Canada and they come from the US, and some involve welding (eccentric bushings and gussets to get the rear aligned).

It’s just not worth the hassle, and not to mention a lot of extra cash to put down on a 10 year old vehicle….

So I think for cost vs age (for rust I don’t want an old vehicle, because Atlantic Canada is like the rust belt on steroids) I’ve narrowed it down to a 2014-2017 Frontier (crew cab, not king) or XTerra. It might be grass is greener, but I kind of wish I had a pickup truck bed to throw things in, and also keep clutter away from the cabin area. But I have a feeling the bed on the Frontier will feel small once I start loading it full of gear. I would also get some medium height rails so my RTT can tuck under a little bit and not act like a sail wrecking my fuel economy.

But I also worry about someone trying to steal gear and then rain which I’ve never experienced with a pickup.

Just wondering if anyone’s had experience going from one to the other and dealt it before?

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Spent some time last week exploring the back roads of Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Spent some time last week exploring the back roads of Great Smoky Mountain National Park

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