Solar dual battery system questions : overlanding

Ive been watching all of Will Prowses videos and learning a lot. I almost keep buying an inverter, charge controller, etc. but then I learn something new or find a diff/better product.

Then I remembered Dan Grec, The Road Chose Me. He has a simple system in his Jeep Gladiator, its all Renogy. He isnt using an inverter either, and his solar charge controller is also a dc to dc charger. Heres the video of his setup:

Soooo, I want to run a 12v DC fridge(cig lighter connection) and a laptop, cameras and phones, so AC power. Right? Idk how Dan is running his AC stuff without an inverter. Is that possible? In the video all the way at the end, he said all his devices are 12v, and he can just run usb somehow off his fuse block. Thats all good for everything except my laptop, its got an ac plug and a power brick. How do I connect that without an inverter? Do I definitely need an inverter? Should I get all separate components- inverter, SCC, fuse block, dc/dc charger? Should I get the Renogy dc/dc+mppt all in one plus an inverter? Im really trying to have the least amount of boxes possible, Im in a Subaru Forester.

To anyone who actually read that, thank you! Just when I think Im really starting to understand all this stuff, I find out some how somewhere I missed something, or didnt realize something else.

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