Springtime in Innsbruck, Austria – live from the field with Capeesh

Ahhh that fresh Austrian Alps air; you can almost smell it through the screen. See the sunshine (and occasional clouds), taste the wiener schnitzel (or maybe cooked vegetables), and gaze at the beauty of an Innsbruck sunset all from the comfort of your living room, bedroom, roof, or wherever you’re at while reading this. All this nice content delivered fresh by your friends at Capeesh. Daniel Bacher, Ferdinand Dahl, and Édouard Therriault each get a good few minutes, while Gavin Rudy as well as Ferdi take turns behind the lens.

There’s something to be said about taking the time to document the little tid-bits of life. Shots like these have become a staple of Capeesh edits. You can’t help but smile at the real deal happiness that most of these shots bring to life. It’s easy to assume that you need a top tier camera and some wizard like editing to make a 15 minute edit stand apart, but what’s in front of the camera matters most of all. I’d say that it’s even a stretch to just call these projects ski edits; they’re more like compilations of life built around skiing. Personally, I’m all here for it. It’s inspiring to see skiers like these amigos living life to the fullest, and capturing the pieces they care about.

If you enjoyed Daniel Bacher’s riding, be sure to check out his recent Core Shots episode from our friends over at Downdays.

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