Todd Knife and Tool Nyxie Arriving this Month

Todd Knife and Tool has its latest production design arriving through Bestech. It’s called the Nyxie, an EDC knife that builds on the visual direction taken by its predecessor in the Bestech/TLK collab series, the Syntax.

TKT was co-founded in 2018 by brothers Seth and Teryl Todd (the latter also runs an EDC YouTube channel as Zelrick42). The shop hit the ground running with the Roxi, a custom (and later production) knife with all the elements that would become TKT staples. TKT knives take obvious visual inspiration from industrial equipment, with hard lines and evocations of cog wheels and gear teeth, but bring them together in designs that are uniquely slick. With the Roxi setting the standard, TKT has been building out their catalog ever since.

The front flipper is only visible when the Nyxie is closed of course

Like the aforementioned Syntax, the Nyxie is slimmer than most TKT knives, with a narrowed blade shape and handle giving it a more straightforwardly elegant footprint. However, the Nyxie differs notably from the Syntax when it comes to size class, returning to the larger dimensions of knives like the Roxi. The Nyxie’s modified wharnie blade runs to 3.43 inches, so its overall capabilities should be quite diverse, with everyday slicing still on the table but enough edge length and toughness for plus-size chores too. The Nyxie also moves up a tier in materials compared to the Syntax, so instead of 14C28N we see S35VN, a more advanced stainless to be sure. Opening is done through either an opening oval cutout or the front flipper tab.

A mild humpbacked handle greets us behind that blade. The guard and finger groove work together to keep the user’s grip safe and in place; the scales themselves are stepped, and the signature three holes are milled into both as well. In terms of materials, users can choose between either a full front-and-back titanium construction, or one featuring that classic peanut butter/chocolate material combo, carbon fiber show side and titanium off-side. The weights between the two models are nearly identical: the CF model is 3.47 oz., while full ti is 3.51.

The Nyxie is arriving with dealers now.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Nyxie

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