Tool storage solution : overlanding

I have one of those fold out basic tool kits, and then a hanging shoe rack back of driving seat.

Tool kit fits wedged upright and easy in/ out in foot well. My skinny 25L water jug lives there too and holds ot in so no rattles (kit is also stuffed w foam & cardboard- I really don’t like persistent rattles).

Bottom tiers of the hanging rack have bigger stuff like pliers, cutters, lock wire, tape rolls, that must have but weird to fit anywhere long flat blade etc. Upper tiers have toiletries/ road/ bush essentials like sunscreen, soap, tp, bags, spare water bottle, radio when not in use etc.

Flap thing that goes over it and snaps down so nothing comes out of pockets & extra no visibility. I usually hang my coat over that too so when parked someone looking in can’t see the hangers.

(One area I work & play in has unfortunately high break in rates for visible gear)

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