Washington State Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR)

Washington State Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR)

Hello. I completed the WABDR solo earlier this month in my 2015 Tacoma with Overland Trailer. Ithought I would share a few thoughts from my trip.Details:

  1. ~600 Miles from Portland OR to Canada across the backside of the Cascade Mountain Range . I estimate the trip was 20% Asphalt, 60% Rough Forest Server Roads, 10% Intense Mountain Switchbacks, 8% moderate 4×4 terrain, 2% difficult 4×4 terrain.
  2. It took me seven days to complete the trip. My goal was to to tackle one section per day.
  3. The most used mods on my Tacoma for this trip: Old Man Emu Nitro Sport Suspension w/3" lift, Full Body Armor, 10k Lb Winch, BF Goodrich K02's.
  4. Lots of elevation!

What went well:

  1. I was alone. I saw 5 people in passing over 7 days and talked to 2 people. It was GREAT to be out with just me and my dog for a week.
  2. The .GPX tracks from the ridbdr website worked quite well and had some good alternates. I took a couple of the alternates by accident.
  3. Lot of supply points for gas/food/etc between sections.

What went bad:

  1. I glazed through a set of brakes coming down the last mountain on section 2. It was very steep and I didn't account the weight at those down angles. Autozone, after hearing my quick story, drove a set of pads out to me from Ellensburg – so that was cool. I have new pads/rotors on order.
  2. I cracked the frame on my overland trailer. What a drag. I have a Timbren 3.5klb independent setup on the trailer and I think it worked a little too good – causing the front of the frame to torque and crack. I suppose I could have driven slower on a few sections. I found a fabricator who as able to fix and re-enforce for future.
  3. Not necessarily bad, but I had to winch out of some washouts on Mission Ridge. The angle was just too steep with the trailer and the elevation. I also had to use my chainsaw in a couple of spots where some recent trees had blown down.

If you have the opportunity I would highly recommend. If you only had one day, Section two is is most difficult and appears where a lot of the locals go for 4x4ing.


Bridge of the Gods – Portland






Panda Bear




Frame Break


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