Water Treatment, Reinvented: Introducing the LifeStraw Peak Series

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LifeStraw, the backcountry water-purification brand best known for its award-winning Personal Straw filter, is kicking off hiking season with a bang. This spring heralds the launch of five brand-new filtration products, including a total redesign of the iconic Personal Straw. Every one of the new Peak Series filters boasts ultra-fast flow rates and more durable materials than ever before. Bonus: As with previous product lines, this one is backed by LifeStraw’s Give Back program. For every filter sold, the brand provides safe drinking water for one child in need for a full year.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the most exciting new filters coming at you this spring.

Peak Series Personal Straw

Premium materials, a new look, and a more versatile design make the Peak Series Personal Straw one of the smartest personal filters to hit the market yet. The new straw is re-engineered to reduce clogging from silty water sources, and it’s faster and more adaptable than previous editions. Universal threads and a built-in hose attachment make the filter compatible with squeeze bottles as well as gravity bags—which means you can rely on the same 2-ounce filter for day hikes, overnights, and group trips alike. 

The Personal Straw has also seen a big materials update. The new, ergonomic, slip-free grip means you’re less likely to drop it when your hands are cold or wet, and the tough plastic casing promises to protect the filter even if you do. As before, the Straw blocks bacteria, parasites, and microplastics, as well as silt and soil particles bigger than 0.2 microns—making it the perfect choice for adventure travelers and hikers alike. It’s also compact, leakproof, and eminently portable. Add to that a 1,000-gallon promise, and you can expect safe, clean drinking water for up to five years of regular use. 

Peak Series Collapsible Bottle (650 mL and 1 L)

With collapsible bottle filters quickly becoming the new go-to for hikers, trail runners, and alpine climbers alike, the Peak Series Collapsible Bottle enters the game at just the right time. LifeStraw is launching the bottle in two new sizes: 650 mL and 1 L. Even more exciting: Both feature a brand-new, ultra-fast filter.

The compact new tech builds on the existing LifeStraw Flex filter, but with some important updates. Like the Flex, the Peak Series filter can be used as a standalone straw or as an in-line filter, and it’s compatible with most disposable plastic water bottles in addition to the included soft flask. However, the Peak Series filter features a lightning-fast flow rate: At 3 liters per minute, it’s right on the industry’s leading edge.

Another big update: Impressive durability. The Collapsible Bottle’s materials are twice as thick, which means the whole kit is more resistant to punctures and leaks. A newly optimized 0.2-micron membrane resists clogs in silty water, and is rated to remove bacteria, parasites, and microplastics as well as sand and dirt. Expect 500 gallons (2,000 liters) of use before it needs replacing.

Peak Series Gravity Filters (3L, 8L, and 8L+8L)

LifeStraw’s Peak Series also includes a trio of brand-new gravity filters designed to purify big quantities of water fast. The 3L Gravity Bag filter weighs just 8 ounces, making it a competitive choice for backpacking trips and small groups. The 8L Gravity Bag works similarly to the 3L version: It features a single, hangable dromedary bag equipped with a filter, which is attached to a hose for as-needed water purification. 

The final new gravity filter, the 8L+8L Gravity Bag, is the next step up for base camping, road trips and overlanding, and big groups: It uses gravity to filter its full capacity directly into a second bag so you’ve got all 8 liters clean and ready whenever you need them. 

All three Gravity Bags feature 0.2-micron filters that block parasites, bacteria, microplastics, and silt, and each can clean 500 gallons before the membrane needs replacing. Durability is another big perk here: The 3L version is made of an extra-thick polymer that’s strong and tear-resistant—and yet still flexible enough to roll up into a pack’s top lid. The bigger Gravity Bags are even burlier. Each dromedary is reinforced with 840-denier, double-TPU laminated nylon, providing extra puncture resistance. The Gravity Bags are also surprisingly versatile, which is fairly unique for this category: Each filter is removable, which means you can pocket it for use as a personal straw, or attach it to a narrow-mouth plastic bottle for shorter side trips. 

All of the new LifeStraw Peak Series products filter over 99.99% of bacteria, parasites and microplastics, are more versatile than ever and include leak proof caps to ensure you can haul and transport water seamlessly. These filters are a cut above the rest when it comes to water treatment and storage in the backcountry and there is now a LifeStraw product fit for every kind of adventure. 

LifeStraw believes everyone deserves equitable access to safe drinking water. We design products that provide the highest protection from unsafe water with a positive impact on people and planet. LifeStraw is a Climate Neutral Certified B Corp and for every product purchased, a child in need receives safe water for a year.

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