We Sneaks out the Sinuous Snick Before 2021 Ends

As Christmas begins to loom larger on the calendar, all the major production companies are wrapping up their releases for the year, the prolific We Knife Co. included. Given the hectic pace the company moves at most of the year, we hesitate to say this latest reveal, the Snick, is the last 2021 model for sure, but it’s certainly one of the last. The Snick is an in-house design, with a performance-oriented profile elevated with the usual suite of premium We materials.

The Snick is not the most flamboyant design We has ever put out, but there’s no shortage of attitude in its broad bowie blade. It measures in at 3.48 inches – a length that We seems to have been favoring lately; other 2021 releases like the Primoris and Upshot have the same amount of cutting edge. The bowie shape makes the most of that edge length by incorporating a curved portion, a straight edge, and a robust tip as well. These different cutting regions add up to a rough and ready, do-all daily carry.

The Snick’s flipper tab is nice and subdued

We doesn’t deviate much in its metallurgical practices, so if you follow them at all you’ll know the deal with the steel on the Snick. Almost every variation comes with CPM-20CV, a super steel in the “all-rounder” category, with a good report card in edge retention, toughness, and rust resistance. But one particularly blinged out version comes with Heimskringla pattern Damasteel instead. Damasteel is a solid cutter in its own right, but it’s main appeal lies in its looks, not its performance numbers. No matter which steel you get, however, the Snick only opens one way, and that’s with its low-profile, rounded off flipper tab.

Speaking of the Upshot, the Snick brings that knife to mind when it comes to ergonomics. It’s a humble profile at its core, just a shallow, slim arc with the expected finger guard/groove up front. The two-layer construction spices things up a little, with a titanium frame (and frame lock, natch) underneath, capped by a canted, slender material onlay. For that onlay, you’ve got a material choice between natural or black G-10, dark green Micarta, marbled carbon fiber, cuibourtia wood, or, if you go for the aforementioned Damasteel model, Timascus. The titanium pocket clip is curved and, while it is thus not swappable to the off-side, a leftie-friendly clip is included with all flavors.

The Snick is available now. Funnily enough it was revealed after We showed of its first batch of 2022 products. That reveal included a We-branded Elementum, complete with all the fancy materials and options that implies. The last 2021 release from the company was the Smooth Sentinel, which was smaller than the Snick with a sub-3 inch blade.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Snick

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