When You Only Carry the Essentials, There’s Always Space for Joy

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If you had to boil down all the lessons of the outdoors into just one, it would be this: simplicity is the source of joy. After all, it’s the simplicity of hiking that frees us to focus on the things that matter most. It’s the unfussiness of camping that shows us how little we really need to thrive.

That same philosophy also holds true when it comes to outdoor equipment. At least, that’s the view of Hyperlite Mountain Gear. Founded over a decade ago in Maine, the brand was built around the idea that less is more—and that simple, thoughtful gear fades into the background, allowing the environments you’re traveling through to take center stage.

The brand’s legions of loyal followers seem to agree. Over the years, thru-hikers and groundbreaking explorers alike have relied on Hyperlite’s durable, weather-resistant backpacks, shelters, and accessories for their pursuits. The reasons are twofold; trail-tested, foolproof designs and Hyperlite’s early adoption of Dyneema Composite Fabrics, or DCF. 


Dyneema, the main component of DCF, is 15 times stronger than steel, is cut and abrasion resistant, and highly resistant to chemicals and UV. And yet Dyneema fiber is completely waterproof and so light that it floats on water. So it’s no wonder that it’s become the gold standard for backcountry packs and shelters, and it’s why Hyperlite Mountain Gear uses it almost exclusively to build their equipment.

Fortunately, you don’t need to do a thru-hiking Triple Crown or lead an expedition up Everest to deserve a well-crafted, lightweight pack. And you don’t need to be a gear connoisseur to appreciate the incredible benefits of carrying one. Think about it: Hyperlite packs are a full two pounds lighter than many models of the same size and volume. Hyperlite tents have a similar weight advantage. And when your core gear weighs less, you can head out into the wild with two advantages others often don’t have: complete peace of mind and the ability to add a bit more of those things you feel are essential to your backcountry experience. Happy hour supplies? Hammock? Camera equipment? Sketchbook? Little extras can make a trip that much more memorable, and with a pack that weighs just 1.9 pounds, there’s no reason not to bring some or all along. 

To help illustrate that point, we’ve included a list of Hyperlite’s best-known pieces below. They all share many things in common: light weight, ultra-reliable designs, and elegantly simple layouts. And thanks to a clever system of Pods and stuffsacks, there’s plenty of room for custom organization. They also share that iconic white Dyneema material. Carry one, and you’ll soon discover that fellow hikers immediately recognize a Hyperlite bag thanks to the unmistakable, deceivingly simple, plain white exterior.


Think of Hyperlite gear as a blank canvas. It’s a springboard for your imagination—and the perfect foundation for building your ultimate, joyful backcountry experience. 

2400 Windrider
A straightforward design means fewer zippers to bust, fewer pockets to lose your things in, and fewer bits and bobs to fuss with. There’s no better example of that than the Windrider, Hyperlite’s original backpacking pack. The streamlined 2400 version sports an internal sleeve, three open-mesh pockets for drying wet gear, and 40 liters of capacity.
1.9 lbs.; unisex S/M/L/T

3400 Junction
The 3400 Junction is a perfect mix between the Windrider and the equally popular Southwest. It has one big open-mesh pouch, perfect for stashing wet gear, and two DCF-enclosed side pockets that provide extra durability against tree branches and rocks. Best of all, the 3400 Junction can haul 55 liters and 40 pounds of stuff—but only weighs two pounds.
2.0 lbs.; unisex S/M/L/T 

4400 NorthRim
Made with super-rugged, 375-denier DCF, the 4400 NorthRim is Hyperlite’s toughest pack—and, therefore, a great option for a totally fuss-free adventure. Because of its fully enclosed outer pockets, you can sling it around as much as you want in abrasive terrain. The 4400 NorthRim weighs only 2.5 pounds but offers 70 liters of capacity, making it a great choice for base camping, four-season gear-intensive missions, and big family trips.
2.5 lbs.; unisex S/M/L/T

UltaMid 2
Cozy and elegant, the UltaMid 2 is a two-person, pyramid-style shelter with enough strength and weatherproofing to withstand year-round conditions. The versatile design and options for a variety of Inserts mean you can pitch it in any environment using trekking poles, paddles, or even branches, and lots of headroom makes it perfect for changing clothes or late-night storytelling.
1.2 lbs 

UltaMid 4
Camping with a crew? Or maybe you and a friend have a lot of gear for the mission at hand? The UltaMid 4 is Hyperlite’s four-season party tent. Like the Ultamid 2, you can pitch it with trekking poles, paddles, or whatever you have on hand. The roomy footprint makes it easy to spread out equipment or gather a group to play cards, trade jokes, or wait out a rainstorm.
1.4 lbs 

Hyperlite’s Pods basically turn your pack into an efficient, grown-up Lego kit. With two options for different types of gear—one with a zipper clam shell opening for kitchen, food, and accessories, and the other with a roll-style side-entry for puffy items like sleeping bags and puffy clothing, they’re stuffable and stackable, letting you organize your gear just the way you like and adding structure to your pack for a more comfortable carry. Bonus: pods’ water-resistant construction adds another barrier of protection against rain. Dry socks? Yes, please.
1.2 to 1.4 oz; S/L

Hyperlite Mountain Gear is deeply rooted in ESSENTIALISM; the philosophy of doing more with less, and the pursuit of simple, ultralight, and uncomplicated backcountry travel. This mindset and practice yields transformative, joyful experiences and the sustained desire for more of them by the customers who follow our lead.

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