Fenwick NEW Elite Series Fishing Rods Announced

Fenwick NEW Elite Series Fishing Rods Announced

The legendary name of Fenwick has been known in the circles of many anglers worldwide for around for over 50 years at this point. The fishing rods built by Fenwick have always been known for having amazing sensitivity since the beginning. Now the new line of Fenwick Elite rods lives up to that legacy, featuring seven species-specific rod models. With a total of 49 unique rod actions designed to just work regardless of the species that is being targeted.

The Elite line of rods is made using Powerlux 200 resin and 30-ton graphite, for a combination of lightweight feel, power, and sensitivity. Each of the Elite models features proven Fenwick actions that are perfectly paired with popular fishing techniques for many different varieties of species. Combined with advanced resin technology, premium high-quality cork grips, an ergonomic reel seat, titanium guides with zirconia inserts, and a limited lifetime warranty. This all together makes for a premium rod of a quality we expect from Fenwick.

Key Features

  • 30-ton graphite with Powerlux 200
  • Bass crankbait models feature S-glass with spiral carbon core
  • Ergonomic Fenwick designed reel seat (Fuji on Predator rods)
  • Premium grade cork handles (cork split grip on Bass)
  • Patent pending ferrule locking mechanism on Predator rods
  • Titanium guides with zirconia Inserts
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Models Include

  • Elite Light Finesse: 4-8 UL | 5-3 UL (2-piece), 5-8 UL (2-piece), 6-3 L | 6-6 UL (2-piece), 6-9 L MSRP: $139.95
  • Elite Walleye Casting: 7-0 M | 7-6 M MSRP: $169.95 – $189.95
  • Elite Walleye Spinning: 5-9 M | 6-2 M | 6-2 ML | 6-6 ML | 6-6 M | 6-6 M (2 piece), 6-9 ML | 6-9 ML (2-piece), 6-9 M | 7-0 M | 7-0 ML | 7-2 M | 7-2 M (2-piece), 7-2 MH | 7-4 ML MSRP: $169.95 – $189.95
  • Elite Bass Casting: 6-10 ML | 7-0 M | 7-0 MH | 7-3 MH | 7-3 H | 7-6 MH | 7-6 H | 7-9 H | 7-11 XH MSRP: $169.95 – $189.95
  • Elite Bass Spinning: 6-9 M | 6-9 M (2-piece), 6-10 ML | 7-0 M | 7-0 M (2-piece), 7-0 MH | 7-0 MH (2-piece) MSRP: $169.95
  • Elite Bass Cranking: 7-0 M | 7-0 MH | 7-3 MH | 7-8 H MSRP: $169.95
  • Elite Predator: 7-9 MH (2-piece), 8-0 H (2-piece), 8-6 H (2-piece), 8-6 XH (2-piece), 9-0 XH (2-piece), 10-0 XXH (2-piece) MSRP: $149.95 – $269.95

Available starting in July 2022. To learn more about these Rods and Fenwick click here.

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