Best Baits for Spring Bass Fishing On Beds

Spring is the perfect time to fish for bass; the warmer water temperatures make them active, creating an excellent opportunity for Anglers. Catching bass during the spawn cycle can be rewarding, but it requires knowledge of the phases and how they affect the bass’s behavior. The pre-spawn stage is when bass migrates from their winter locations to shallow water, which creates a vulnerable period that leads to spawning. After spawning (bedding), a post-spawn phase marks the end of this unique period in which bass are particularly susceptible to being reeled in. It’s important to note that while most lakes follow similar patterns each year, these cycles can still start at different times and vary from location to location.

When a bass is guarding its nests, they’re susceptible to predation. That’s why anglers who locate spawning beds will routinely be rewarded with strikes from bedding bass. This article will delve into the most effective spring bass fishing baits for when the fish are nesting.

The Best Spring Bed Bass Fishing Baits

Creature Baits

The weird and wonderful world of creature baits is designed to take advantage of a bass’s natural instinct to hunt for prey. Crafted out of soft plastic, these lures simulate the look and movement of small aquatic creatures often found in the bass’s natural environment. Creature baits come in many shapes and sizes, offering anglers an effective way to catch bass regardless of the fishing conditions or environment. Anglers who use creature baits can benefit from their ability to move, rise, and fall in a realistic manner, which can help attract hungry bass and convince them to bite. For serious bass anglers, creature baits are invaluable to the tackle box.

Fishing on the beds can be incredibly successful with certain bait types. Creature baits are the perfect target for a slow-moving presentation along the bottom that imitates a small animal. Use them Texas-rigged or weightless, and let them descend to their intended destination.

Stick Baits

Soft stick baits have become favorites among bass anglers because they exhibit versatility, making them effective in various rigs and conditions. Senko, the brand name often associated with these baits, is cylindrical and narrow at either end. The slow and alluring movements of soft-plastic stickbaits prove irresistible for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. Although it seems less enticing than a topwater lure, stickbaits can often outfish hard baits like jerkbait or crankbait when adequately utilized. During spawning season, weightless wacky rigs are commonly employed- both for the enticing movement it offers and their ability to stay in shallow waters by the spawn beds. As you grow familiar with this technique, you’ll quickly notice why so many anglers favor soft stickbaits for this purpose.

JIG & PIg combos

Fishing for bass on their beds can be successful using a jig and pig combo. This combination simulates the crawfish, a common food source for bass. When determining the size of the jig, you’ll want to consider the crawfish in that body of water. As a rule, move your bait along slowly, bumping and hopping against rocks or submerged vegetation.

When you’re around docks, jigs-and-pigs or jig-head worms are great choices. If they’re active, choose weights like half ounces or add a twin-tail trailer, increasing movement in the water. If there is less activity, try lighter jigs or chunkier trailers – even straight-tail worms on shaky heads will do!

texas-rigged worms

Texas-rigged worms Could be called man’s best friend regarding fishing. This is an exceptionally effective way of fishing on beds and in heavy cover. This is because they are designed to remain snagless while still appearing realistic. It’s designed to fall to the bottom and slowly be dragged along, with occasional twitches for realism. What makes them so great is that they can be rigged weedless, meaning you can flip and pitch or do any other type of retrieval in a heavy cover without snagging on vegetation. There are loads of different shapes, sizes, colors, and scents available, so regardless of what the Bass are feeding on, you will always have the right combination ready. Soft plastics are a tried and true technique for angling – try a Texas-rigged worm once, and you’ll understand why they’ve been catching Bass for ages!

tube bait

Tubes are excellent lures for smallmouth fishing, especially in rocky or sandy areas. They share similarities with jigs but feature a thinner profile and a fully exposed hook. The weighted head of the tube is housed within the body of the lure to increase casting distance and reduce snags. Tubes’ non-weedless designs make them preferable in specific environments.

topwater baits

As bass move up to spawn in the early spring, they seek food, often near the water’s surface. Prop baits and buzz baits offer two distinct types of lures suitable for this type of fishing. Prop baits are meant to be twitched along slowly, hovering before a bass until it can no longer resist striking. Alternatively, a buzz bait will be constantly retrieved as your reel handle is turned – but during warming trends, these can be absolute goldmines for success in shallow areas with docks, grass, or other covers where bass may lurk. When using a buzz bait in the springtime, keep the prop rotating slowly while slowly retrieving the lure along the water’s surface. A slower approach allows for enough time for the bass to strike. Be patient and wait for them to make a move before speeding up your technique.

Tips for Finding and Fishing a Bass Bed:

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, many anglers begin to think about bass fishing. And one of the most popular bass fishing methods is sight fishing for fish actively spawning, or “bedding.” Cold snaps can disrupt this process, so it’s important to know the current conditions when you’re on the water. Bass will typically spawn in areas with soft, sandy bottoms and plenty of vegetation. They will often build nests, or beds, in these areas to lay their eggs. If you can find these spawning grounds, you will likely find some bass on the beds.

Here are a few tips to help you find spring bass on a bed:

  • Look for areas with soft, sandy bottoms and plenty of vegetation.
  • Pay attention to the current conditions and be aware of any cold snaps that could disrupt the spawning process.
  • Keep an eye out for bass nests or beds


The beginning of spring means fishermen and fish are getting edited. There is finally an end to winter, and the water starts to warm up. This is a great time to fish for bass, as they will be congregating on beds. The fish are often more aggressive and can be caught using a variety of lures.

 When fishing for bass during the spawn, be sure to try different baits and techniques that are visible to the fish. Bass are especially active during the spawn, so this is a great time to go fishing.

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of the best baits for spring bass fishing on beds. Creature baits, stick baits, jig and pig combos, Texas-rigged worms, and top water baits are all great choices. Stay on top of your upcoming weather conditions to ensure you get out there and start bass bed fishing at the right time! And if you need to stock up on baits, lures, reels, or rods, you can purchase them online now.

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