Get Mom a Gift She’ll Love With These Mother’s Day Deals

Buying a gift for mom isn’t one size fits all. Get her something she’ll actually use and enjoy! You know what your mom likes best, and if you’re unsure, you can always ask her (no shame in that). 

If you’re still stuck on what exactly to get your mom this mother’s day, check out some of these amazing deals any outdoor-loving mom is sure to love. Better yet, get her a gift you can use outside together on Mother’s Day. That way you can pair an experience you’ll both enjoy with an amazing gift. 

1:4 zip sweater

If your mom likes camping, nights out around the fire, or just enjoying early morning coffee on the deck, the Serpa ¼ Zip Jacket will be a hit. It is a cozy fleece pullover jacket that gives off retro ski vibes. 

It may not be everyone’s style, but many women love the oversize feel and ripstop fabric for a durable and long-lasting sweater. There is a cinch on the bottom of the jacket to make it slightly more fitted but the oversize feel is part of the design to provide a comfy and cozy experience. The turtle neck can be folded down as a collar when unzipped but is perfect for cold or windy weather when you need a bit more protection. 

The sale has three color options available. 

lifetime cooler

A durable cooler is an excellent choice for any gift, whether for mom or for dad. The Lifetime 65-quart cooler is large enough for tailgating with friends, backyard barbeques, or even a weekend car camping trip. This cooler can keep ice for up to eight days, so this cooler might be the perfect item for a mom that loves long-distance road trips. 

One of the biggest sellers of this cooler is that it is semi-bear proof. The durable materials and the ability to better lock and secure the lid can keep bears out for up to an hour. We don’t recommend leaving food unattended at your campsite or out in the evenings. 

Lifetime coolers have a 5-year warranty. 


If your mom likes to get her steps in and wants a stylish fitness tracker, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is an affordable gift option. It is compatible with Androids and newer iPhone models, making it a versatile fitness watch. Even if your mom isn’t into fitness per se but simply wants to stay on top of her health tracking, she’ll be happy to know that this watch can keep tabs on her heart rate, sleep, and general activity levels. 

It comes in several color options, so you’re not tied to the pink by any means, and what’s nice about this watch is that it has a sleek, jewelry-like design. It won’t feel bulky or seemingly clash when wearing it to the office or out on the town. 


Paddleboarding is an excellent warm-weather activity and can be as low-key or as challenging as you want to make it. If your mom loves paddling, being out on the water, or enjoys doing yoga, an inflatable paddleboard is an excellent entry-level and portable place to start. 

The DAMA Inflatable Paddle Board comes with a carrying case, pump, paddle, and other necessary stand-up paddleboard equipment. This paddleboard design is built to be sturdy enough to enjoy a day of leisurely paddling, fishing, or some yoga. While it may be able to be used around some waves, the design seems better suited for relatively still water. 

lifestraw filter

LifeStraws are the perfect gift for any mom that likes camping, travel, or general survival preparedness. The deal shared here is a multi-pack of straws, and they can also be purchased individually or in smaller quantities. Each LifeStraw can filter up to 792 gallons (3,000 liters) of water. 

You can avoid using other water purification methods that use chemicals and iodine with the use of a LifeStraw. It removes up to 99.9999% of bacteria, including cholera, salmonella, and e-coli. It can also remove 99.9% of protozoa, including giardia lamblia. LifeStraws are a lightweight and compact way to ensure you have clean drinking water, no matter where you roam. It is an excellent addition to a survival kit or for general use as you travel. 

LifeStraws can be stored indefinitely, even after use. 

bug tent

Lounging outside is no fun if there are too many bugs. Citronella candles and bug spray can only get you so far. Add a complete layer of protection on your next camping trip or in your backyard with the Bass Pro Eclipse Refuge Screen House. 

Screen houses are excellent for hosting backyard get-togethers, outdoor date nights, and camping endeavors. There are built-in wind and sun panels, so you can open and close the mesh screens as needed. Secure the screen house as you would a tent with tent stakes and guylines. 

x rap

Does your mom enjoy fishing? Even if she isn’t an avid angler, maybe a day on the water is how you plan to spend mother’s day together. In any case, a new set of lures is an excellent way to celebrate your mom. Give her a gift that keeps on giving to help her up her fishing game. 

Rapala’s X-Rap delivers can’t-miss topwater action that triggers strikes from even neutral fish. Pike, muskie, trout, snook, salmon, and walleye can all be enticed by these versatile lures suitable for both fresh and saltwater applications.

Deals for Dog Moms

Don’t forget the dog moms in your life! Check out these awesome deals for all the dog moms you know. If you want more pet-specific deals, Amazon is hosting a Pet Day Sale. The sale is for today only (Monday, May 2nd) and the deals go by lightning fast!

Pet Arena Adjustable Snuffle Mat

snuffle rug

Snuffle mats help simulate dog’s natural foraging behavior. They’re perfect for fast eaters to slow down mealtime or as a boredom buster on rainy days.

Stoic Pet Carrier

pet carrier backpack

Great for small dog owners that want to take their pal on trains or even on a hike to carry them when their little legs get too tired.

Owlet Home Pet Camera

dog camera

Give the dog mom in your life peace of mind while they’re at work or away from home with a pet camera combined with a treat dispenser.

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