8 Fun Camping Hacks

It was once said that a good pack is a bag of bags. Bagging the small items in your pack will make it easier to find things, keep your pack organized, and prevent loss. Bags can be made at home from old shirts and pants. If you don’t have any old clothing, it can be purchased cheaply at any thrift store. Just cut the material to the desired size and sew into a bag. Pants legs become bags with just one seam! Rather than installing a drawstring, poke a hole with an awl or icepick on one edge of the bag about three inches from the top. Insert a piece of string about 18 inches long so an equal amount of string is on each side of the hole, then tie an overhand knot to secure it to the bag. The bag can now be twisted closed and tied shut with the string, making a tighter closure than is possible with a drawstring bag. If you are concerned about weight, they can be made from lightweight nylon or you could just use plastic bags.

Enjoy the outdoors with these eight fun and simple hacks!

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Getting the Most Out of Fall Camping

Getting the Most Out of Fall Camping

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